Throughout my life, the pen has taken me places I least expected. Just take my current position as an example. I'm proud to call myself a content coordinator for Kai FACT Magazine, a global publication that focuses on travel and lifestyle. Previously, I worked as a sports reporter for The Observer in La Grande, Oregon. How's that for contrast?

Wherever I've been in my career, my objective has never changed. That mission is to become the most honest and engaging storyteller I can be. That's the mindset I've ever since I studied journalism at the University of Oregon. With that goal in mind, I've dove into all things journalism. From short breaking news clips to longform feature narratives, I embrace all ways stories can be told. 

My passion is for the unknown. As a journalist, I constantly strive to step outside the limits of my understanding and tackle unfamiliar issues head-on. This is my first priority, because if I can't grasp a topic, then readers won't be able to digest the information I give them. Whether it's animals, science stories, college administration, sports, or a multitude of other beats, I seek to know my audience and deliver them truthful reporting. 

Of course, I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the interesting people I meet and places I visit. I love this work. My love for this industry makes me a better storyteller because I'm constantly motivated to share my discoveries with a broad audience. Here you will find a collection of my best work as a journalist. 

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"While I was a journalism instructor at the University of Oregon, I had the opportunity to meet a number of immensely talented and inspiring students. Chief among them was Forrest Welk. 
With his eye for a good story idea and a deft writing touch that allowed him to turn an idea into an enjoyable read, Forrest demonstrated to me over the course of one semester that he had the skill level to make it as a magazine writer. On top of that, Forrest came with no ego; he accepted feedback and he worked toward making each draft of a story better. But most of all, Forrest showed via his easy-going manner and friendly attitude just what a good guy he is.
Good writer. Good storyteller. Good guy. That's Forrest Welk."

— Charlie Butler, Writer-at-large at Runner's World Magazine
Journalism Instructor at the University of Oregon